Just a regular dude from the suburbs. I'm a Zen Buddhist and not happy at all, but I am okay with that. I just want to lead a simple life.


Washing candy down with beer.
“I’m erasing you and I’m happy”

One of these nights again.

My dream is to just catch a fucking alien at the ass crack of dawn on this part of the beach no one comes to.

I need this kinda change.

"Your special in a not so special way."
I miss her playing with my hair. I felt kinda bad for falling asleep in her lap.
I know sitting up can get annoying after too long.
I wish I was stable enough for her. For anyone. For myself.
I’m unstable. She’s unstable. We’d kill each other.
Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, but we’d have to finish each other off.
Otherwise, we’d end up killing ourselves afterwards.

She was spot on, though.
I’m pretty set on who I am what I want, though I have no clue of either.

I guess if anyone cares

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Seahaven | Honey Bee

I’m a honeybee, breaking your heart, broke mine enough to kill me. I let you feel my sting before my last bittersweet moments of flying.